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Armenian army general's attorney: No need to file motion for now

Armenian army general's attorney: No need to file motion for now
In the past, there have been several times when we have stated that there were no grounds for the detention pre-trial measure for former president of the Yerkrapah Union of Volunteer Land Defenders of Armenia Manvel Grigoryan. This is what Manvel Grigoryan’s attorney Levon Baghdasaryan told reporters today. “The court examined the case on the merits and came to the conclusion that there are no grounds for the detention pre-trial measure, and it obviously took into consideration the facts regarding his disease. We expect to see a fair trial. We don’t want to see selective justice. For now, we want Mr. Grigoryan to be healthy,” he said. However, the attorney stressed that it’s not like the decision on commuting the pre-trial measure is a timely decision, and it should have been made a long time ago. Baghdasaryan emphasized that Grigoryan has acquired more diseases during detention and that some doctors have said the detention impeded intensive treatment. Baghdasaryan also said he and the other attorneys won’t appeal the signature to not leave the country as a pre-trial measure for the time being.


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