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168.am: Armenia daily chief editor’s phone conversations been wiretapped?

168.am: Armenia daily chief editor’s phone conversations been wiretapped?
According to 168.am website, the Special Investigation Service (SIS) of Armenia has decoded the telephone calls of editor-in-chief Knarik Manukyan of Zhoghovurd daily, trying to find out who the information source was that gave to the journalist the testimonies regarding the March 1, 2008 case. 
“In an attempt to find out whether the journalist's phone was wiretapped, 168.am sent a request to the SIS. We had asked to answer whether the telephone calls of the editor of the Zhoghovurd daily, Knar Manukyan, were decoded, and whether Knar Manukyan's phone had was wiretapped.
‘"In response to your request dated 11.12.2019, we would like to inform you that the requested information cannot be provided due to the inadmissibility of publishing investigation data under Article 201 of the RA Criminal Procedure Code,’ the SIS response read.
The SIS has not at least denied our information. And if it is accurate, it means that it is really possible to reach a court decision very quickly at any time and to wiretap every reporter's phone conversation or decode a phone call,” the website writes, in particular.