• 11:44 – Attorney: Armenia 2nd president Kocharyan must be released immediately 
  • 11:22 – Armenia’s PM sacks advisor on aviation issues 
  • 11:06 – Armenia ex-President Kocharyan’s lawyer: If PM Pashinyan again takes back his words, lawsuit may be withdrawn 
  • 10:48 –  Russian mobile lab deployed in Armenian military has capacity of 100 PCR tests in one day  

ARF proposes referendum to resolve Armenia Amulsar gold mine issue

ARF proposes referendum to resolve Armenia Amulsar gold mine issue
YEREVAN. – The reason for the recent public tension over the matter of operation of the Amulsar gold mine is the contradictory statements of the incumbent authorities, the not-thought-about actions, as well as the absence of adequate steps to meet the high expectations of the broader public over this matter. The Supreme Body of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (ARF) Dashnaktsutyun Party of Armenia has noted this in a statement. “The ARF Armenia Supreme Body considers deeply concerning the reality that the publicized conclusions [on basically no environmental impact by the mine] do not inspire enough conviction and confidence,” the statement also reads. “We urge the authorities not to view the publicized expert conclusion as a final justification for the operation of the mine. “We find it expedient to reach convincing solutions as a result of additional public and professional discussions, to re-establish the healthy dialogue with professional expert circles, [and] to reach—by way of a referendum—a decision stemming from the interests of the state and is acceptable to the public.”