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  • 04:17 – One of our strengths is our openness to transformation. Artak Hanesyan 
  • 13:50 –  Justice minister presents clarifications to President over Judicial Code amendments package  
  • 19:09 – Onik Gasparyan's lawyer hopes judge will resist pressures and make substantiated judicial act 

Trial over case of Sedrak Kocharyan vs Artur Vanetsyan is over

Trial over case of Sedrak Kocharyan vs Artur Vanetsyan is over
The trial over the case of Sedrak Kocharyan vs Artur Vanetsyan ended today, and the court will post its decision on the official website of the judicial authority on July 10, 2019. During today’s trial, the parties submitted to the court evidence that is significant for the case. After examining the evidence, Judge Aida Davtyan asked the parties whether they want to file motions or drafts of the concluding judicial act. The plaintiff’s attorney Ani Alavedyan declared that she will submit a draft judicial act within 5 working days, while Vanetsyan’s attorney said he and his client don’t want to submit a draft. Sedrak Kocharyan, son of second President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan, demands that Director of the National Security Service Artur Vanetsyan publicly deny the information that he disseminated and that contains slander. This refers to the statement made during the famous press conference of Vanetsyan and Head of the Special Investigation Service Sasun Khachatryan when Vanetsyan stated that “Robert Kocharyan became a shareholder of Congress Hotel by demanding a bribe of $6,000,000”. According to the plaintiff, the statements by Artur Vanetsyan about Kocharyan’s family don’t correspond to reality and defame the honor and dignity of Sedrak Kocharyan.